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Thanks for your patience. I now have a suggestion that comes from a truly higher authority, namely someone who helped write the new Formats. I am advised that much of the upcoming Early Literacy guidelines will refer back to our new guidelines. In the absence of a current Early Literacy document, there is enough in the guidelines themselves. See Section 1.6 on page size, line length and line spacing. Essentially, double spacing and uncontracted braille are agency decisions. so you need to have the agency (or the actual teacher) specify these things. There are no specific provisions for anything else, like transcriber's notes. I suggest that the wording of TN's match the vocabulary level of the surrounding text as much as possible. Follow the guidelines with regard to font attributes. The guidelines do encourage transcribers to make judgments. If the teacher or other appropriate person from the agency is available, you can utilize their directions as agency decisions.

Hope this helps.