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Hi Georgia Braille...

Very good questions. The BANA TG Committee has had several discussion about how the new BF Guidelines are going to impact the TG Guidelines. As you know the TG Guidelines were written with the current code in place. We knew there were changes being made in the BF Guidelines but we could not incorporate them into our guidelines until they were adopted by BANA.

My opinion would be that because BF is the base code from which many other codes spring from, the new BF Guidelines should start to be applied in TG as well. I foresee in the future (although BANA has not requested it yet) that the TG Guidelines will be updated to be compatible with the new BF changes. This is my opinion!!!

As you learn more about the new BF changes, I would take the opportunity to incorporate these changes into the TG Guidelines as they apply. The intent of the TG authors was that the TG Guidelines support formatting decisions in BF.