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The braille doesn't match the print?? I'm alarmed! The page numbers are in Nemeth; it gets goofy when there are lettered continuations. I guess I wasn't reading the rule of "unit and part headings MUST be centered" as "ONLY unit and part headings should be centered." I centered the chapter headings because they are major divisions in this book. I considered putting them in 1-5 as well when I ran into this problem, and your answer is confirmation that that would be the better way to go.

One tries so hard to be clear when asking questions... I was referring to Rule 2, Section 7(b)[1] on page 37 in my manual. I do like the decimal numbering system in the 2011 manual.

I'm glad the attachments were helpful. I only wish I could figure out why my PDFs come through so sketchy.

Thank you very much for your response.