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I need some help with this one. I notice that the braille doesn't match the print and I also see some page numbers in the braille contents that I do not understand--these are the entry numbers that don't have number signs.

I'm not sure I understand why the chapter headings are centered. The rules say only that unit and part headings are centered and say nothing about centering chapter headings. I think in this case there just aren't any unit and part headings. I see the chapters as main entries (1-5) and the sections under each chapter as sub-entries (3-7) and I would like to suggest that these contents be done that way. This will also make it easier to figure out which items get the (cont.) designation since it has been necessary to divide chapters across volumes. Consider Example 9 in 1997 Formats. There are no unit or part headings there either.

And here's a good reason why the numbering system has been changed in the new Formats guidelines. You refer to Rule 2 Section 7(b) and (b) is a sub-sub entry. I'm not sure which section it applies to--so I can't see exactly what you are referring to. There are several instances of (b) in Rule 7 unfortunately and I can't tell which one you mean.

I think changing the formatting to 1-5, 3-7 as the rules suggest will make it easier to figure out which items are designated (cont.) in Volume 1 and subsequent volumes.

The print and braille pages have been very helpful to me in understanding what the formatting considerations are here.

I'll look forward to continuing on this one.