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We have an additional question relating “Balanced” headings.

The current Braille format Guidelines no longer states to place the chapter/lesson number/letter on a braille line by itself when any of these headings is too long to fit on a single Braille line.

§ 4.4.1 States: “It is important to be consistent in the treatment of similar print headings throughout the entire transcription.”
§ 4.4.3 States: “Headings should be balanced and divided at a logical location when longer than one line.”
§ 4.4.3 appears to give the transcriber the authorization to make this structuring decision for balanced purposes. This is confirmed by the answer given in this thread back in 2012
We believe segregating the chapter/lesson number to its own line is no longer necessary and can now be included with the balanced heading should the transcriber decide it so. , i.e., sample #2 found in the attached document. Is this correct?