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I understand that you are using the 1997 textbook format rules for your transcription.
You actually have 2 separate questions: one Textbook and one Literary.

The first question being: Should the word be divided between print pages?
Agencies usually make their own decisions about that issue, but if you really need to follow the rules then you find the answer sort of hidden in a section you would probably never think to check.
1997 Formats Rule 1 sect. 13a(3)tells us "... end the braille text with the last word shown on the preceding print page. [u]Follow copy when a word is divided between pages."[/u]

Now for question 2. Can the 'ing' contraction be used when a word is divided between lines or pages?
If you do decide to divide the word between pages, you'll find that answer in EBAE.
EBAE Rule XII.38.a tells us "... [u]'ing' ... may be used at the beginning of a line in a divided word.[/u]

Hope that helps to clear things up.