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On pages 17-18 in The Computer Code Manual there is an example and an explanation that I think will answer your question nicely. The example shows ROM to RAM in an explanatory portion of text. It's been brailled in Computer Code and the explanation given says that ROM and RAM are part of a discussion of text editing .... I think your example is similar in that your example uses terms that are actually used in the computer programming language. They are in a different typeface which sets them apart from the narrative text.

Another example in the Computer Code Manual is in Section 1: Guidelines for Identifying Computer Notation. Page 6 section 1.7 talks about words and/or symbols thay may not make sense in the context of the primary code being used. The example LPRINT is brailled in Computer Code.

According to these sections in the Computer Code Manual, it looks like you would be correct to treat the terms getchar and putchar as embedded Computer Code.

I hope this helps