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I have about 100 calculator screen shots in an appendix for a precal textbook. I've looked at the tactile graphics manual and know I need to draw the screens with graphing as a tactile but can't find much on what to do with screenshots containing only text. I'm attaching a page with some of the material that I have questions about. I'm finishing the book that I started in the old textbook format. Do I ignore Nemeth formatting for the matrix displayed on the screen and follow print exactly for spacing?
What about spacing for operation symbols--follow print?
It is important to inform the reader about which items are highlighted. Should I use Nemeth bold indicators, even thought it throws the alignment off?
Also am I correct in using uncontracted Braille for all the text in the screenshots?
Is there a good source I'm missing on where to find information on how to handle screenshots with text only? Thanks so much for your help.