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    Bama Braille

    When brackets enclose a one-letter matrix name as in the attached page from a Precalculus textbook, is a line skipped before and after the line that contains the matrix name? Are expanded brackets used? Thanks

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    It seems to me that [A] isn't actually the matrix itself, but rather the name it is given in the software program. Because they are embedded within a paragraph, I suggest that you use the usual square brackets. By the way, since this is dealing with a software program, is any of the material transcribed using Computer Braille? Generally anything that has to be entered into a field in the software program (i.e., keyed by the reader), should be transcribed in Computer Braille. You would probably have a better understanding of whether or not this is the case, based on the figure numbers that are referenced in the text.


    I have about 100 calculator screen shots in an appendix for a precal textbook. I've looked at the tactile graphics manual and know I need to draw the screens with graphing as a tactile but can't find much on what to do with screenshots containing only text. I'm attaching a page with some of the material that I have questions about. I'm finishing the book that I started in the old textbook format. Do I ignore Nemeth formatting for the matrix displayed on the screen and follow print exactly for spacing?
    What about spacing for operation symbols--follow print?
    It is important to inform the reader about which items are highlighted. Should I use Nemeth bold indicators, even thought it throws the alignment off?
    Also am I correct in using uncontracted Braille for all the text in the screenshots?
    Is there a good source I'm missing on where to find information on how to handle screenshots with text only? Thanks so much for your help.

    Bama Braille

    Graphing calculator screen shots are not computer screen shots. There are currently no official guidelines for transcribing these screens. You may use contractions wherever they would be allowed by the Nemeth Code. I would advise indicating the screen with box lines. The spacing shown in the matrix in print is actually the correct spacing for a matrix, one cell between each column of numbers. Note that the minus sign is directly under the first digit of the number above, just as it would be done with a regular matrix. Transcribe the information in the screen following the Nemeth Code. Exceptions would be that no blank lines appear above and below the matrix in the print screen, and the ending bracket that follows the enlarge bracket appears on the bottom line of the matrix rather than the top line. The bold face indicator for letters and numbers could be used before the highlighted letters even though it would interfere with the alignment of the colons. The highlighted words would then have to be enclosed in boldface indicators, but I assume there would still be room to list those words horizontally across the top of the screen. Your only other option would be to create a symbol that you assign to mean the text is highlighted. I have no suggestions for that.

    Bama Braille

    This was very helpful, thanks so much!

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