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Lindy Walton

Hi Susan. I will try to address your comments. Let me know if you have further questions.

As with any transcription, your consistency in formatting will result in a layout that makes the reading flow. Simbraille examples are usually taken out of context so you can place them as they fit in YOUR transcription.

EXAMPLE can be a cell-5 or cell-7 heading. I see the orange example as a separate item, not as displayed material, which is why I started at the margin. I was not following an established Nemeth format from the codebook.

I don't know what "Guideline 10" is. Are you referring to Braille Formats? In exercise material, BF 10.8.4 tells us to format examples in the same way as the following questions. If items on page 4 of your book show a format that will apply nicely to this example, you could format it that way instead.