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Back again. Upon re-reading your original statement, I now see that you did attempt to explain how this print works. The problem is that it is still difficult for me to understand and I think most general readers would have the same reaction. And you do mention references to the text, so it is very apparent that you have used the text itself as a resource. I suggest the following.

The transcriber can only transcribe what he is she sees. The graphic and the table should be transcribed separately. The graphic should follow the appropriate guidelines and best practices for graphics of this nature.

For the table, I suggest that you determine what the column headings are for the table, including any that may be repeated from the graphic itself. Observe the row headings on the left and consider the texture porphyritic that appears to apply to both the Intrusive and Extrusive origins. Consider the wide table stratetgies given in the 2007 Update, possibly listed table formats or stairstep. I think all the TN needs to say is that the table follows very closely after the graphic in print. The braille reader will have to examine both very carefully and refer back and forth just as the print reader does in order to discern the actual relationship. All the transcriber can do is to describe and present what is on the page as accurately as possibly. The transcriber's responsbility does not include explaining it, especially in this case.