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Julie Sumwalt

I hope these examples will help. On page 215 there is a bit where the format changes from paragraphs to a more poetic form. The verse (chapter segment) numbers are along the left margin, not embedded within a paragraph. As I understand the guideline, we are then to put these verses in 3-1. All the regular paragraphs with embedded numbers around the poetic part are also in 3-1, so how is the braille reader to know that this part is different, that is, in poetic verses and not a bunch of short paragraphs?

Page 1000 shows a series of two-part sayings. The verse numbers are not embedded, so according to the guideline, these should also be in 3-1, but then the rhythm is lost.

Page 1119 shows a long passage of poetic text. There are verses (chapter segments) and verses (poetic stanzas). Again, how is the reader to know the difference between actual paragraphs and this sort of passage?