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Dear Toby,

Because you did not include any of the surrounding text that accompanies this map, I don't know if "direction" is referred to, or if it is being taught in this example. In the TG Guidelines, states "If direction is not referred to in the map or surrounding information and the top of the map is assumed to be north, it is not necessary to include the compass rose. Insert a statement, either before the graphic or on the Transcriber's Notes page explaining this convention." My interpretation from your example is that the most important point to convey about this map is that the top of the page is north. I'm assuming this map is in a textbook above grade 3. If so, it is not necessary to show the entire compass rose...meaning you don't have to show all 4 directions in the compass rose (North, E, W, S).

I would present the compass information for maps like this with either a note on the TN page that reads, "Unless otherwise instructed, the top of the page is always considered north." and leave out the compass rose information all together on the maps throughout the book. If you do have a map where the top of the page is NOT north, simple insert the direction of north on that particular map.