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Use 10.3.3 here. Don't you think that the Ex. 10=3 that follows looks EXACTLY like your first exercise? You have numbered or lettered directions with ADDITIONAL PARAGRAPHS. Note that 10.4.2 covers and exercise with subentries ONLY. There are no additional paragraphs.

Ex. 10-3 covers your first exercise exactly. The directions are 1-5, the answer choices are 3-5 and the additional paragraph (Use adjectives to describe ...) is 7-5.

Your second exercise is more complicated because it has an additional level. However, I think you can apply the same guidelines here. You have an 3 levels, so the runover is in cell 7. Item 4) from ... is in 1-7, although I doubt there would be a runover. The additional paragraph, Look at this.. is 9-7, the numbered items 1. 2. etc. are 3-7. The next additional paragraph is 9-7 and the lettered items A) B) are 5-7.