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I need to ask another question in regards to the level settings on this exercise question. I am talking about the last exercise question that I posted in the first attached example.
To be consistent with all our subdivisions or (answers) for our main questions shouldn't they always have the same starting cell? Ex:
cell 3 regardless of runover?
B) ...

I attached another example to see if this one would also fall under the same settings.
My thoughts on the first exercise question in the new attachment is:
5) from ... set at 1-7 main item
Read ... 5-7 sub-subdivision
Louisa May Alcott ... is a displayed para so I should set this in a blocked 5-5 or para 7-5?
Which part ... 5-7 sub-subdivision
A) spending
B) ... this is my subdivision (I was told that my answers are always the subdivision of my main) setting at 3-7