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[quote=dspence]I know you posted this question months ago and the delayed response may be too late for your current transcription but I do have somthing to add to what Lindy said from the Math perspective. In sections of the TG Guidelines there is a hierarchy for accommodating a long number line so that it will fit on one line and not have runovers. One of the options is to rotate the number line into a vertical position. I think this is the only place in the document that discusses vertical number lines other than the information about brailling box and whisker plots. When you have a vertical presentation of a number line there is no mention of including numeric indicators. The vertical number line should be brailled just as you would a horizontal number line, without the numeric indicators.
The numbers on the right, which would be under the number line if it were horizontal, would be brailled without the numeric indicators, but wouldn't the numbers on the left, which would be above the number line in a horizontal number line, be brailled with the numeric indicator?