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Could you please answer my first question regarding how to handle notes with lines, arrows, and pointing devices in the new code? Do we just ignore them now?

Since you agree that the pointing device used shows a relationship to the highlighted text, don't they have to aways follow each other to reflect what the print is showing?
Your format doesn't make any reference to the fact that there is a pointing device in print, is this just ignored in the new code? Rule 12.3.1.a shows how to use a pointing device to identify where to place the side bar but nowhere in the code does it explain how to braille the arrow in the realted example.

Finally, I suggested embedding the blue box inside of the highlighted text box, because if you apply the rules as written, the blue box with the pointing device is either a sidebar to the sidebar with the highlighted text or a note to the sidebar with the highlighted text. Since rule 12.3.1 says that a sidebar is placed with its related text, and the blank lines between the series of side bars in your solution would make this relationship unclear, I am wondering if a TN is needed to clarify the format you are suggesting? Neither of these situations (note or sidebar to a sidebar) are covered in the code, but it seems like there should be a section for notes or sidebars to sidebars as I have seen this format before.