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Thanks for including the print example. It shows exactly what the situation is. It was very helpful.

Take a deep breath--2011 Formats has made a significant change here. Shared/incomplete poetic lines are no longer given any special treatment. That entire rule is dropped. It was determined that in most cases the shared poetic line is difficult or impossible to detect anyway, so such lines are treated as any other line in the poem.

Note that the indention pattern of a poem is determined by the ENTIRE poem (13.3.1) so I see 1-7, 3-7, 5-7 for your poem, assuming that there's nothing different in the rest of it, if there's more not shown here. The first line in the first standza is 3-7 and the first line in the second stanza is 5-7. All the rest are 1-7. In poems only the line numbers shown in print are brailled, so the braille reader has exactly the same information as the print reader. If that is truly a shared poetic line and if the reader wishes to explore that, the lines can be counted in braille just as the print reader would count them.

To summarize. poetic lines are now treated according to the indention pattern established for that poem even if they are preceived as shared/incomplete.

I conferred with Lynnette on this one--thanks Lynnette!