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I'm so sorry about being dense, but C-5 does not answer my question. The rules about blank lines before and after page change indicators are spelled out. The rules about continuation pages are not.

If page 46 of the text book has a list and page 47 starts with a centered heading, then I would braille the list, put in a page change indicator and then a blank line before the centered heading.

Suppose text book page 46 has a list followed by a centered heading on the same page. I braille the list and the last item in the list falls on braille line 25. Then the next braille page is a continuation page. Do I put the centered heading on line one or do I drop it down to line 2? In this situation there is no page change indicator. Using the old formatting rules, the centered heading would only be allowed on line one if the list had ended on line 23. Both line 24 and 25 needed to be blank for the centered heading to be allowed on line one of the continuation page. Actually it didn't make any difference it the centered heading followed a list, an attribution, a paragraph or anything else.