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Your head may be spinning Lindy, mine has already fallen off. There are circumstances where line one is left blank.

Look 8.3.4a of Braille Formats 2011. A list can start on line one IF there are two or more blank lines at the bottom of the previous page. Start the list on line 2 when braille is on the last, or next-to-last line of the previous page.

13.4.1d When a stanza ends on the last line of a braille page, a blank line is left at the top of the next braille page. The new stanza starts on line 2 when a running head is not used.

The two rules above are very clear and are for very specific situations. I braille a lot of books loaded with lists, boxes, various headings, and displayed material. Each of these items requires blank lines. It is very simple when they fall in the middle of a braille page, but things get complicated when one of these items begins at the beginning of braille page or ends on line 24 or 25 of a braille page. I am also confused by whether the new braille page is also a new print page or a continuation page. The formatting is often dependent on what preceeds the items and what follows. I'm going to try creating a some kind of visual chart outlining all of these situations to see if that will help convey my questions and help NBA provide clear answers. Stay tuned.