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Thanks for the print pages. Now I can see what you are referring to. You have asked one of the toughest questions in Foreign Language right now. The new Foreign Language Guidelines have not yet been approved by BANA, but I can give you what we are calling a recommendation to follow here. I can see you are familiar with how to handle reference notes in Braille Formats. For THIS KIND OF NOTE, there is an exception to regular formatting that is used just for foreign language and ONLY for this type of note, often called a GLOSS NOTE. This is a note that gives a definition or translation of the referenced word. Instead of placing the actual note at the end of the print page, gloss notes, that is, words that are translated or defined are placed on the very next line in 7-5 as was done in the 1997 Braille Formats. Got that now? ONLY gloss notes and ONLY in Foreign Language. All other reference notes are placed as the end of the print page, just as in 2011 Formats.

First, the notes that refer just to the pictures. Those are not technically reference notes. So just show italics as in print. You'll discuss the pictures in a TN and you can run that TN in a appropriate place. I think I would run the TN about the pictures right after the dialog paragraph that refers to them. As you describe those pictures, look in the book glossary and use the translated terms so that you can describe the pictures and what is being shown. And yes you are correct. No reference indicator is used here because this is not technically a reference. Do retain the italics.

Line numbers--ignore the italics for the actual line numbers themselves. Your construction of the reference indicator is just right. Be sure to list these reference indicators in special symbols exactly as you have constructed and used them. Again, the only difference to regular format is that you will place the actual reference on the following braille line in 7-5. Retain print italics, but not in the actual line number that is at the right margin.

Please let me know if I left anything out!

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