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Thank you for the great question and for sending the print and the braille. There's a lot going on here, so I'll try to take one thing at a time.

First, obviously there is no direct answer for this in Formats. That's why you sent this in. In such a case, I start the search for a solution by using the formats that are already there. In other words, I don't create solutions that aren't there unless I can't find anything first based on what IS there. Second, this is why they are called GUIDELINES. You might disagree with what I suggest. Another transcriber might suggest something else. Usually, it's not a matter of who is right or wrong. It's a matter of your best judgment. So here's my best judgment which you are welcome to use if it works for you.

The numbered reference at the bottom of the print page (3. wampum ...) is a conventional reference note that should be handled as given in Section 16 as you did in your Example 3. That reference should be there by itself WITHOUT the additional vocabulary words. We can agree that the separation line and so forth is placed in braille after the print page concludes.

The Vocabulary listings COULD be interpreted also as reference notes because Section 16.1.4 does state that a note may be located at the margin. But in this case, these items are printed so differently, the numbered reference (wampum) and the vocabulary words, which leads me to think that they are intended to be read a little differently as well. Fortunately, Formats provides for this.

The Vocabulary words are placed at the top of the print page, which leads me to think they are intended to be read FIRST, before the text, so that the reader will already have the information about those words before starting to read. Therefore, I would treat the Vocabulary words as sidebars (Section 12) and in particular, I like Sample 12-6. Now it is true these words are not at the beginning of the lesson, but they are at the beginning of that print page. I would box that vocabulary listing, including the heading, and place it as a sidebar before the first paragraph on that page. If appropriate, you could retain the blue typeface for those words in the text. (Is there a glossary at the back of this book? Are those words also listed there?)

In this way, I feel we have followed print as closely as possible, by handling the numbered reference according to its print appearance and the vocabulary list according to its print layout as well.