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If you follow standard table guidelines, this will be easy to read and will take up 4 pages. If you are allowed to make this into a foldout, that would be nice.

I have attached a different approach from yours. See what you think of it.

I see "Typische Elements" as a column heading.
Place it over the first two columns.
I am being creative with the use of a single column separation line over the two columns that fall under this heading.

Ignore the vertical line between columns. Use 2 spaces between columns as with any table.

A series of dot 5s across the width of a column should show the blank space (no entry) which will demonstrate the fact that the first three columns begin in row 11.

Follow print and use a 2-cell dash for the dashes in print.

Braille a full cell for the question marks. NC Sec.57. The full cell should be spaced as in print which in this case seems a little unclear whether that is a space, so I have shown it unspaced. I think it reads best unspaced in braille here.

The (cont.) footer should not appear on the first page of the table. BF 11.3.2.c

Write a TN alerting the reader to the fact that the table is divided vertically into four sections, explaining the dot 5s, and --although not required-- I would also explain that the full cells represent the print question mark.