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    The table in the attachment is Mendeleev's periodic table. The columns and rows are related as in a current day PTOE. This is a Nemeth / Chemistry book.

    I cannot yet find of a way to present this table. Any suggestions?

    What about those question marks? Some elements have one question mark to their right, some elements have question marks to their left and to their right. Will the question marks affect alignment?

    Enlarged brace? Will that need to be tactile?

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    Lindy Walton

    Here is the TN that is on the previous braille page (not in the attached braille files. TN Table is read across facing pages. Table is divided horizontally into 2 sections in braille. TN

    The horizontal lines are an issue. Can I deal with them by adding something in the TN above saying that they are in print but omitted braille?

    Alignment - As you see in the attached braille, I have aligned all of the equals signs and also aligned by decimal points.

    The question marks bother me as I am sure that I have done that wrong. I know the ellipsis is wrong for the double dash, but I cannot find the rule and I'm a getting very tired this evening.
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    If you follow standard table guidelines, this will be easy to read and will take up 4 pages. If you are allowed to make this into a foldout, that would be nice.

    I have attached a different approach from yours. See what you think of it.

    I see "Typische Elements" as a column heading.
    Place it over the first two columns.
    I am being creative with the use of a single column separation line over the two columns that fall under this heading.

    Ignore the vertical line between columns. Use 2 spaces between columns as with any table.

    A series of dot 5s across the width of a column should show the blank space (no entry) which will demonstrate the fact that the first three columns begin in row 11.

    Follow print and use a 2-cell dash for the dashes in print.

    Braille a full cell for the question marks. NC Sec.57. The full cell should be spaced as in print which in this case seems a little unclear whether that is a space, so I have shown it unspaced. I think it reads best unspaced in braille here.

    The (cont.) footer should not appear on the first page of the table. BF 11.3.2.c

    Write a TN alerting the reader to the fact that the table is divided vertically into four sections, explaining the dot 5s, and --although not required-- I would also explain that the full cells represent the print question mark.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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