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I consulted with Cindi Laurent, the chair of the NBA Formats Committee. The answer may be surprising to you. It certainly is not obvious.

The verse numbers here are printed as headings but they are not regarded as headings in braille because Formats has specific provisions for verse numbers. It is unfortunately located in Section 15, which addresses LINE NUMBERED text and your text is NOT line numbered. It is VERSE NUMBERED and that finally brings us to 15.9

See 15.9 Verse-Numbered Texts in Religious Material. This is the only specific provision for religious text in Formats. 15.9.2 addresses verse numbers within the paragraph. Your verse numbers are headings, not within the paragraph. That takes us to 15.9.3 which directs that the verse numbers are placed at the right hand margin and the provisions for line-numbered text are observed. However, note that the verse number is placed ONLY at the first line of the paragraph, NOT at the end of every line as in line numbered paragraphs. The margins and placement regarding print and braille page numbers do apply, so look those over.

If you are not familiar with line numbered text rules, take some time to read them over and look at examples.

Let us know if you need any further help. This is difficult formatting if you're not familiar with it.