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9.6 Cross-References and Incidental Notes
9.6.1 These notes are formatted in the same way.
a. A reference mark is not used.
b. Font attributes are ignored, except when they are necessary for distinction.
c. A blank line precedes and follows the note to avoid the impression that it is “attached” to the previous or following paragraphs.
d. A blank line is not inserted between the heading and the note when the note includes a heading. The heading is in 7-7 followed on the next line by the note in 5-5.
e. A note without a heading is in 7-5.
f. The notes are inserted at the most appropriate location on the page.

The situation I am discussing would simulate Example 9-7 on page 9-8 of the Braille Formats Rule Book. If the Speaking Connections cross reference were to end up with the heading being on line 25 do you continue the note on the following page or does the entire note get moved to the next page following Rule 4 for headings?