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The base language for a technical text is no longer EBAE. We will be following the provisional guidance as posted on BANA's website. The only place you will use Nemeth symbols will be inside the Nemeth code indicators. All numbers, punctuation, etc in the surrounding text will be UEB. Formatting in the full document will follow the process already established: If nemeth code addresses a format it is followed even in the non-Nemeth text. Note that transcriber's note symbols will be UEB. No contractions are used within the nemeth indicators so the nemeth rules about contractions will not be applicable. The table of contents will use upper cell numbers in the page numbering list.
The final answer: we follow UEB except when in Nemeth mode as identified in the Provisional Guidance document.
If you are planning to attend the NBA conference in April, you will see the math workshops demonstrating nemeth within UEB context.