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    Mary Mosley

    In Lesson 1 §2.c. on pg 1 of AN INTRODUCTION TO BRAILLE MATHEMATICS it states: A technical text is a work in the field of mathematics, statistics, physics, or chemistry. Such texts must be transcribed entirely according to the rules of the Nemeth code. The symbols and rules of the Nemeth code must also be used in works in other fields which make substantial use of mathematical or scientific notation.

    In §3.a. and §3.b. it states that English Braille Numerals (letters “a” through “j”) are to be used only on title pages, for page numbers at the corners of pages and at the end of page-separation lines, and that Nemeth Code Numerals (letters “a” through “j” dropped to the lower part of the braille cell) are to be used in the remainder of the text including forwards, contents pages, introductions, indexes, etc.

    When using the UEB, is this still the case? In a technical text are the symbols and numerals of the Nemeth Code still used throughout the entire text as stated in Sections 2 and 3 above? Or do we go in and out Nemeth Code as stated In BANA’s Provisional Guidance for Transcription Using the Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts Approved November 2014? Or do the provisions set forth in that document apply only to Nontechnical and Partially Technical Texts?

    For example, do I now use English Braille Numerals on a contents page of a technical text? Do I use UEB signs of grouping (parentheses, brackets, etc.) in parts of a technical text and Nemeth Code Symbols in other sections of the text? Or is a technical text still transcribed according to the rules set forth in sections 2 and 3 of Lesson 1 in AN INTRODUCTION TO BRAILLE MATHEMATICS?

    I understand that, for a technical text, the contractional usage will change to the UEB when it is used. However, is the Nemeth Code still used for the other symbols throughout the entirety of the text?


    The base language for a technical text is no longer EBAE. We will be following the provisional guidance as posted on BANA's website. The only place you will use Nemeth symbols will be inside the Nemeth code indicators. All numbers, punctuation, etc in the surrounding text will be UEB. Formatting in the full document will follow the process already established: If nemeth code addresses a format it is followed even in the non-Nemeth text. Note that transcriber's note symbols will be UEB. No contractions are used within the nemeth indicators so the nemeth rules about contractions will not be applicable. The table of contents will use upper cell numbers in the page numbering list.
    The final answer: we follow UEB except when in Nemeth mode as identified in the Provisional Guidance document.
    If you are planning to attend the NBA conference in April, you will see the math workshops demonstrating nemeth within UEB context.

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