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Q1. See Braille Formats 18.6 Proofreading marks are not used in braille. [u]Do not devise signs for them.[/u] Delete the transcriber's note because it isn't needed. Braille the directions in 5-5 as printed. When you get to the last sentence in the directions Use the proofreading symbol enclose the words insert comma within TN indicators. [simbraille],,, symbol ,'9s]t -a,'4[/simbraille] That identifies the symbol for the reader and the TN indicator informs the reader that this identification was added by the transcriber.

Q2. Double spacing in print is ignored in braille. A book may be transcribed in double-spaced braille, but that has nothing to do with how the book is printed. This paragraph IS the exercise and NOT displayed. It should be brailled as an indented paragraph in 3-1. I'm not sure why you refer to 5-3. I couldn't find any provision for anything in exercises to be in 5-3. IF this paragraph had been displayed, it would be 7-5. See Formats 10.7.1.

Q3. Letters that enumerate items in a list or outline and are followed by punctuation are brailled without the letter sign as shown in the braille you included.

Please consider the main heading used here. Without access to other pages in the book, it's hard to tell, but I think Application is not shown accurately. Is Application a repeated heading that applies to other exercises in this lesson? It is possible that the order of this heading is

Lesson 2
Commas in Sentences

Look at other pages in this book and try to determine how these headings are intended to be read. The print position, especially with headings, can be misleading. As far as can be reasonably determined, headings should be brailled in the order they are intended to be read, regardless of print appearance.

If there are further questions, please post them.