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[quote=joannavenneri]Cindi--if they are correct according to UEB rules NOT to use ea in Leah, may I ask WHICH UEB Rules you refer to? Or which rules they (whoever they are) refer to? I still don't understand why these graders say ea is not used in Leah. I don't understand why Linda and Jana have been told NOT to use ea in Leah.


I think what was most confusing to me was you WOULD use the ea contraction in the word "create" in which the e and the a are pronounced independently ... but in the word Leah, which is prounounced "Lee", "Le-ah", and, according to our esteemed instructors "Lay-uh" you do not use the contraction? It is apparent neither instructor is a transcriber or has transcribing experience ... and I mean no disrespect, but transcribers know there is a difference between a teacher who teacher braille dots, and a transcriber, who takes print, formats it, and turns the words into dots. Most teachers have no or very little experience with formatting documents, books, or words. They can read the dots, but that doesn't mean they know how or why it is brailled the way it is. Just my .05¢ worth this fine day 🙂