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I think that most of us struggle with this dilemma! With so many new codes coming out in a relatively short time, the various committees are busy working on updates (which are not yet available for our reference). When the Guideines and Standards for Tactile Graphics was initially written, they followed the (then)current practice for omitting TN symbols on a label inserted by the transcriber as a description (Picture, Graph, Map, etc.) of what the caption is applied to. When Braille Formats Principles of Print-to-Braille Transcription was published the following year, it presented a new and different way to handle the identifier which was NOT in print, but in fact was added by the transcriber. In the 2nd paragraph of the Preface (page xi,) in Braille Formats, it explains a similar dilemma that existed between English Braille American Edition and Braille Formats, and in the 3rd paragraph between Foreign Language Guidelines and Braille Formats. In both instances, it states that, where there are conflicts, Braille Formats should be followed. For the sake of consistency throughout a volume I would [u]probably[/u] follow the formats rule and use TN symbols. Having said that, however, you should be aware that the committee working on updating Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics has said that its guidelines should continued to be used for creating tactiles until updates are posted on the BANA website. Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics, and Braille Formats Principles for Print-to-Braille both describe themselves as being [u]guidelines[/u] rather than rules. Therefore, use your discretion (or follow the policy of the agency for whom you are working) and then be consistent with whichever decision you make.