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Hi Cindi
A few general question about UEB transcriptions:

In a lower grade transcription, I have a series of repeating letters, and the student is asked to find the core pattern and what the pattern would look like if it continued. For instance, A A B B C C A A B B C C A A. Do I use the grade one passage indicator then the capitalized passage indicator followed by the letter A ? or do I individually capitalize each letter and use the grade one indicator before letters B and C.

Use the grade 1 passage and caps passage indicators. Don't forget to terminate them in the reverse order of how you opened them (open grade 1, open caps passage, close caps, close grade 1).

Is the grade one passage indicator terminated by an under score? is the numeric passage indicator?

No. The passage indicators stay in effect until the appropriate terminator is inserted. So grade 1 is in effect until the grade 1 terminator is inserted.

I’ve noticed that the numeric passage indicator is not within the BANA’s Instruction Manual, but is in ICEB The Rules of Unified English Braille. Is the numeric passage BANA approved?

All UEB symbols are BANA approved. I've been told that the numeric passage indicator is only used in a math context...which is why it isn't in the NLS instructio manual.

I have the following: ACT Online Prep™ . Is the italics terminated before the trademark symbol or do we ignore that the trademark is not in italics and terminated it after? I know UEB 9.7.3 says to ignore a change in typeform for closing punctuation. Would this apply for a symbol?

Terminate italics before the trademark symbol.

Thank you

You are welcome!