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Hi Cindi
I have a question concerning embedded spatial expressions in UEB transcriptions with Nemeth encapsulation. The Provisional Guidelines, Additional Guidelines 5.b talks about spatial expressions, however it sounds like this applies to displayed spatials not embedded.

I have the following in an ACT Prep Guide (see attachment):

I transcribed it as follows (see attachment):

Is this correct? or should I follow PG exactly and place it on a new line.

I think what you did is fine. This type of situation has been presented to the BANA Math Committee for further review, but in the meantime, this is the recommended way. Follow the Nemeth rules and put any applicable indicators on the main line of text (as you would do with punctuation). Another suggestion (just in case this comes up): if the spatial expression takes the whole braille line, you could do the opening indicator at the end of the text, do the spatial, and then do the closing Nemeth indicator before the text resumes.

I kept the bold on letters because I deemed it less confusing and to keep the distinction. There are a lot of capitalized variables A-G in this text. Am I wrong to do this?

No, you are not wrong to do that. If you feel the emphasis adds meaning or clarity, it should be included.

On a different subject. In the UEB Instruction Manual Lesson 19 page 19-17, the simbraille shows a Roman numeral page number entry within a table of contents. The grade 1 symbol indicator is used on iii and iv. Is this correct? Is there a rule that I’ve missed concerning Roman numeral page numbers? or is this an error in the Instruction Manual?

According to UEB rules, no grade 1 indicator is required preceding iii or iv. If you have aiii (as in a continuation indicator) it is recommended that a grade 1 indicator be placed between the a and the iii.