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I got a reply to the question about 7.6.1 and quote marks.

"A little background might put this provision into perspective.  In the original design of UEB, all quotation marks were two cells and had specific designations so the reader would know exactly what sign was used in print.  The feedback from samplers sent to people around the world was that everyone disliked the two-cell sign and wanted the one-cell quotation marks back.  This made the provisions for quotes much more complex since the one-cell signs can create confusion in some situations.  It also meant that the reader would not know which print sign was being used.  That's why the last sentence of 7.6.1 is there.

The intent of the rule is to inform the reader what the nonspecific (one-cell in braille) quotes are representing in the print - whether double, single, Italian or nondirectional."

So there you go.  According to UEB a note IS required on the TN page about quotes (or you could put the symbols on the SS page and explain them there).


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