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No, the list to which you refer includes the listing "blank table entries to be filled in," because there are Nemeth-specific rules for some instances of such things.

To answer your broader question:

If a table is done in UEB, then 2016 Formats, which BANA has approved and which will be released soon, says to use a series of dot 5s for blank cells within a table (and explain the use of these in a transcriber's note).

If a table is transcribed in Nemeth Code:

1) If there is an actual blank space, you would use the general omission symbol.

2) If there is a dash or a shape indicating something to be filled in, use that dash or shape as Nemeth requires.

--Kyle (with Dorothy Worthington's helpful input)

If you would like to discuss this further, please include an example of the print table(s).