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Thank you for the follow-up. In response to your question:

This will work very nicely as a tactile graphic, since the focus here is the shape of the molecules and chains and not on their bonds. I would suggest using circles with two different fill textures.

A texture key would begin the page, labeling the two textures being used so that the graphic will not be cluttered with the Hs and the Cs. Use the UEB Grade 1 symbol indicator in the texture labels (H and C).

Following Chemistry Code layout instructions, the molecular labels ("Ethylene monomer" "Polyethylene chain" and "Polyethylene Branch") should be on the line above each drawing (with a blank line before and after the drawing itself) starting in the same cell as the leftmost location of the tactile. I believe cell 1 is the recommended location (according to Tactile Graphic Guidelines).

Each pair of examples shown in the book (Ethylene monomer & Polyethylene chain and Ethylene monomer & Polyethylene [chain with] Branch) is made of two separate molecules, so print's side-by-side layout is not important -- I would start each polyethylene diagram on a new line at the margin to allow the use of the full width of the paper. I imagine they will be pretty small at only 11" wide, so I don't see any reason why you can't delete a couple of the molecules in each polyethylene chain to allow for a better graphic.

Since no Nemeth Code is needed in the drawings, a code switch is unnecessary.

May the force be with you and  your embosser never drop a dot!

–Kyle (with consulation help)