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OK - this might be more than you asked for...but here is what I would do (and I consulted with another member of my committee). And some of this may not work due to text on other print pages.

I attached my suggestion for the Table of Contents. Unit headings should be centered, but chapter headings start at the margin. See what you think.

For page 135, I would not keep both the yellow highlighting and the bold...a TN on the TN could explain that words in yellow highlighting are also bold in print. Keeping both is NOT against the rules whatever you choose to do is ok.

I would say that ANALYZING... and PLESSY are two separate headings.  I would do the ANALYZING as a centered heading, the PLESSY as a cell 5 heading and Background... and How the ... as cell 7 headings. But again, there are multiple ways to do that where you would still be following the rules.

In the box at the bottom right with numbered items...I would suggest that you not use italics for the paragraph headings because of the other italics and bold on this page.  Keep both italics and bold to distinguish these items from the other bold and italics items.

Page xxii, I agree with your comments.

Page xxi - the bold is not necessary.  But some of the braille programs will keep the bold and you need to decide if it is worth taking it out.

Let me know if you have any other questions!  This book seems like it has a lot of interesting situations.





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