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Hi Paula,

I apologize I forgot to give you the link! If you join the Google Group called Tactile-Macros (go to!forum/tactile-macros and click Join Group or Apply to Join Group) you will be able to download the macro installation files, templates set up for braille graphics, and other info to get started. Members can also post questions in the forum on how to use the templates and macros or to troubleshoot problems.

The Tactile-Macros group also has a Google Drive folder where the installation files are located ( I believe you should be able to access those even if you are not a member of the group.

I have an older version of CorelDRAW (X5), so I can't speak for newer versions, but I found the video tutorials under the Help menu immensely useful for learning the basics of the program. I might start there just to get used to the tools, how to use them and where to find everything in the toolbars and menus. The Tactile Graphics Macros are more specific to braille formats and once you are familiar with the basics of the program, they will really speed up your ability to create tactile graphics that conform to the Guidelines and Standards.

Please let me know if the links don't work or if the process once you get there is unclear.