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Nancy Raspiller

Cindi, I am actually submitting questions for one of  my  transcribers who is an NBA member but without internet access. If this doesn't provide you with enough information, I can ask for clarification. I appreciate your help. Nancy


How is it to be handled when more than 5 (or 7) transcriber-defined symbols are required? We
have a book that requires over ten different transcriber-defined symbols that all should be
included in the text (for example: blue words are nouns, red words are verbs, etc.) What we did
was use the 7 transcriber-defined symbols described in UEB, and then for the eight started over
at the first transcriber-defined symbol but each preceded by an extra dot 4 (example: eighth
transcriber-defined typeform is dots 4, 4, 3456, 23; ninth transcriber-defined typeform is dots 4,
45, 3456, 23}. Is this acceptable?
o Subnote to above: In the new Formats 2016 book, there are only 5 transcriber-defined
symbols. Is this correct? UEB Rules lists 7.