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I would like some additional clarification on this, please, Kyle.  In the conference session Nemeth in UEB, October 2016, Dorothy Wellington had a table on page 45 (Example 28).  Row headings were words, and they were brailled uncontracted and without any code switch indicators.  They were in a section being brailled in Nemeth code.  The conference note for this says, "The row headings are considered to be part of the technical material.  The single-word switch indicator is not required.  Contractions are not used within Nemeth indicators."  How do I know when a wordy part of a Nemeth table (row headings/column headings) is "part of the technical material"?  I would assume this would also apply to graphics such as labels for bar graphs (label for vertical scale?/horizontal scale?)  I'm just at a bit of a loss on this.

Thanks, Carmen

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