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I have 2 more menu questions. I want to make sure I have everything correct so I can explain it to my co-workers.

  1. With a capitalized passage which extends over more than one text element, if the last text element is only 1 or 2 words, is it still ok to use the capital passage terminator after that element? Or would I terminate the last element that has 3 or more words, and use capital word indicators from that point on? In the attached pdf, FRESH BROCCOLI is the last element in the list. It seems wrong to have a capitalized passage indicator and terminator around 2 words, but maybe in the context of the continuous passage, that is correct.
  2. For a continuous passage that only has one or two word elements, should I just use all capital word indicators, not capital passage/terminators? In the pdf, the CRUSTS and SAUCES lists are what I'm wondering about.

Thank you!

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