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Kyle, I'm seeking clarification about when the body of a table is considered technical. Until today, I've been transcribing the body of a table in the Nemeth Code if any single entry is of a technical nature. Admittedly, that doesn't happen often, but there are certainly occasions when only a couple of entries contain decimal points, for instance, or there is one sample equation in a fill-in column.

I've just read your post regarding #2 above ( A table that has one entry that must be in Nemeth Code is not required to have all its rows in Nemeth Code.) and it's made me wonder if I've been sweating thru the process unnecessarily. Is there literally a dividing line between your "one entry" and "table entries" as stated in #6 p.7 of the Guidance? Is it a braillist's prerogative to use Nemeth switches within the body of a table?

The Guidance is pretty vague with its single paragraph regarding tables. Your guidance is always appreciated!