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Thank you for the question.

First, your comma between two items at the superscript level (within an enclosed list or not) merits use of the contracted comma. See Nemeth Code §78.

So, for your print (Thank you for attaching an image of that lovely equation!), we should have braille that looks like this:


That "c.c." is spaced away from the symbol of operation that precedes it because I have good reason to believe it is an abbreviation (for cubic centimeter). I googled psi c.c. and came up with a collection of results for unit conversions using these items. More digging got me to a discussion of ψ as a unit of pressure and c.c. (or cc) as a unit of volume.

[If we couldn't find an explanation of c.c. as an abbreviation, then it would probably still be safest to treat the print dots that are between and after the letters as periods and not as decimal points.]

Again, thank you for the question. Please let us know if you have follow-up questions or concerns.

Keep on rockin' that Nemeth Code!