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Thank you for sharing this question.

I would describe question #1 in your print example as itemized material with one subentry level, because the multiple equations contained within each lettered subitem are not themselves itemized. So, I share your transcriber's discomfort with a format that treats the equations as sub-subitems.

Still, what the proofreader has suggested (and how your attached BRF is formatted) is not likely to confuse the braille reader.

Since you ask though, I would advise formatting question #1 with each lettered subitem starting in cell 3 with its first equation listed after one blank cell and the following equations each starting in cell 5 on a new braille line. (as in the BRF attached to this message).

Please note that in the attached BRF I have also:

  • used only one Nemeth Code bubble, which opens before the first subitem, closes at the end of the last subitem, and contains one word ("CHALLENGE") that is preceded by a single-word switch indicator
  • retained bold typeform for the first part of the cell-5 heading ("Multiplication & Division Problems 1") in order to distinguish it from the second part of that heading ("page 1 of 2")

Again, thank you for the question and examples. And kudos to you and the men with a message for examining the material and working to further refine your transcribing skills.


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