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    Anne Lattanzi


    I have a question about formatting an exercise that’s being transcribed using Nemeth within UEB context. The material is from a 3rd grade math workbook. A BRF and the corresponding print page are attached.

    One of the Nemeth transcribers in our program is wondering the following: in question #1, should the equations following letters a, b, and c be indented starting in cell 5?

    The proofreader thinks the equations should not be indented – he references Guidance for Transcription Using the Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts (June 2016), Formatting Section #5 (page 17) which says:

    “For an exercise with any number of subentry levels, use margins 1-5 for the first level, and 3-5 for all subsequent levels (Follows Nemeth formatting rules).”

    The attached BRF is formatted as such, but the transcriber doesn’t feel totally comfortable with how it comes across in braille. He’s asking for any thoughts or guidance that would help give him a better understanding of how best to format exercise material like this.

    Thanks in advance,

    Men with a Message Braille Program


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    Thank you for sharing this question.

    I would describe question #1 in your print example as itemized material with one subentry level, because the multiple equations contained within each lettered subitem are not themselves itemized. So, I share your transcriber's discomfort with a format that treats the equations as sub-subitems.

    Still, what the proofreader has suggested (and how your attached BRF is formatted) is not likely to confuse the braille reader.

    Since you ask though, I would advise formatting question #1 with each lettered subitem starting in cell 3 with its first equation listed after one blank cell and the following equations each starting in cell 5 on a new braille line. (as in the BRF attached to this message).

    Please note that in the attached BRF I have also:

    • used only one Nemeth Code bubble, which opens before the first subitem, closes at the end of the last subitem, and contains one word ("CHALLENGE") that is preceded by a single-word switch indicator
    • retained bold typeform for the first part of the cell-5 heading ("Multiplication & Division Problems 1") in order to distinguish it from the second part of that heading ("page 1 of 2")

    Again, thank you for the question and examples. And kudos to you and the men with a message for examining the material and working to further refine your transcribing skills.


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    Anne Lattanzi


    Thanks so much for your very helpful response and the example!

    I'll share it with the transcribers and am sure that they'll be appreciative of your thoughts and guidance.

    Kind Regards,

    Annie (and the Men with a Message Braille Transcribers)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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