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Julie Sumwalt



This has to do with formatting rather than code, but I will answer your questions here.

  1. A print example would be helpful. All I can say is that if you see the copyright symbol, braille it where it is. If you see the word “copyright”, that’s what you braille. If you see both, braille both.
  2. No, it means braille what you see. Don’t add anything. If a text is copyrighted, it will say so with the symbol, the word, or both. If it is not copyrighted, it won’t have any of those things and adding them will be giving misinformation.
  3. Braille what you see, don’t add what you don’t. What has been stated or not stated is the legal information provided by the publisher. We transcribers don’t mess with that.
  4. The ISBN acronym does not need to be on the same line as the number. There is no reason to divide “Transcription of ISBN:”.

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