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First let me say that I am not in any way involved in grading the NLS manuscripts for certification.  I asked the person who teaches the classes at our organization to weigh in on this as he is more familiar with the lessons than I am.  I cannot tell you exactly what to do here as that is, in essence, the point of doing a manuscript 🙂  However, here are some general thoughts.
1. Dividing symbols-sequences between lines. Lesson 20, page 20-3. The instructions use the term “symbols-sequences.” Some people say we must adhere to the instructions and others say to apply the rule to hyphenated compound words only.
— Lesson 20 §20.5 reads: "Start the first chapter on a new braille page, and do not divide symbols-sequences between lines unless they are too long to fit on one line.This simple instruction about not dividing symbols-sequences only applies to the trial manuscript and not necessarily to future transcribing.
— In §20.12 Grading lists errors and points: "Incorrect division of symbols-sequence: 2" Symbols-sequences go space to space.
— The directions for the division of hyphenated compound words precedes the Lesson 12 exercise: "When room permits, hyphenated-compound words may be divided between lines, but only following the hyphen." —the hyphen indicates the print hyphen. 
— §20.5 is not overriding that option. Using the term "symbols-sequences" includes anything preceded and followed by spaces, but especially computer material studied in Lesson 14, §14.7. But the division of hyphenated compound words —per BF §1.10.1—is an agency decision. The agency making decisions for the trial manuscript is the NFB on behalf of the Library of Congress/NLS.
2. The ISBN phrase on the title page. Can the phrase “Transcription of ISBN” be divided between lines?
— Lesson 19, §19.2a(1)[g] paraphrases in simple language what is more accurately defined in BF §2.3.6f(3-6). "
"ISBN is placed on the line immediately following the copyright and reproduction notices preceded by the words Transcription of. Follow print punctuation. 
Example: Transcription of ISBN: 0-4583-6578-8
     Include both the 10- and 13-digit ISBNs on the braille title page if they occur in print. Braille the numbers on consecutive lines. Example:
Transcription of
     ISBN-10: 0-4583-6578-8
     ISBN-13: 654-0-4583-6578-8"
3. Dividing words between pages as in print. When the last word on the last line is divided, do we follow print or keep the whole word on one page or the next?
—In NLS Lesson 17, §17.1d it quotes from Braille Formats: "If in print a word is divided between pages, divide the word in braille as in print [BF 1.10.1].