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I got some more information from Jennifer Dunnam:

Question 1:  This phrase in the manual will be clarified; “compound words” can be divided on a manuscript [formats 1.1.10]

 Question 2:  Formats indicates that the letters ISBN: should be kept on the line with the actual number. There is an example in NLS 19.2a(1)[g] showing the letters “ISBN” kept on the same line with “transcription of”. This is in error and will be fixed.

 Question 3:   Follow print (NLS 17.1d, Formats 1.10.1)

 For recent and future revisions to the NLS manual, be sure to check the “revision log” at under “literary braille transcribing” to be sure that you are working with the latest versions of the lessons.

Thanks for Jennifer for helping answer this question!