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Oh, I remember the networking manual. Thank you for sending a sample.

I am on board with your decisions to:

  1. use a transcriber-defined typeform for the font specific to computer notation in this text
  2. transcribe the computer notation in grade 1 mode
  3. retain print's apparent distinction between regular and bolded computer notation font
  4. indicate braille line breaks that occur where a space appears in print by using two dot 5 continuation indicators

May I suggest that the print line breaks (e.g., before "hostname", "line con 0", etc.) in the printed computer notation are significant and so should be reflected in braille? Other than that, I think it looks good, and the braille reader will be able to make good use of this transcription. And, I think it looks sustainable; that is, I think you can be consistent throughout your transcription without bending over backwards or writing yourself umpteen reminder notes.