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    Hi Kyle,

    Remember the networking manual I asked about in the Nemeth forum? Now I'm working on the computer notation in the manual. The requested code is Nemeth in UEB. I'm transcribing the computer notation in UEB using the UEB Guidelines for Technical Material. I'm using the first transcriber-defined typeform indicator for the Courier font which represents the computer notation in the manual.

    Could you please look over the sample I've attached and let me know what you think? The manual is filled with the two-column tables in the print example and I'm presenting them in stairstep format, which I will explain on the Transcriber's Notes page.

    Thank you,


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    Oh, I remember the networking manual. Thank you for sending a sample.

    I am on board with your decisions to:

    1. use a transcriber-defined typeform for the font specific to computer notation in this text
    2. transcribe the computer notation in grade 1 mode
    3. retain print's apparent distinction between regular and bolded computer notation font
    4. indicate braille line breaks that occur where a space appears in print by using two dot 5 continuation indicators

    May I suggest that the print line breaks (e.g., before "hostname", "line con 0", etc.) in the printed computer notation are significant and so should be reflected in braille? Other than that, I think it looks good, and the braille reader will be able to make good use of this transcription. And, I think it looks sustainable; that is, I think you can be consistent throughout your transcription without bending over backwards or writing yourself umpteen reminder notes.



    Thank you Kyle. I'm getting closer to feeling like I've got a handle on this project.

    The print presentation in the two-column format creates a messy situation with so many print runovers with no way for me to know which are significant. Sometimes it's clear and sometimes it's not. Often, other entries make it obvious which line breaks are not significant so I started making decisions I really have no business making. By following your suggestion to reproduce all line breaks in the computer notation, I no longer have that burden. Let the reader decide, right?  I like that! I will incorporate your suggestion and see what happens.  I may be back with more questions. 🙂



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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